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Tata Salt Lite, 1kg

33.50 35.00

  Vegetarian Product

  • Free flowing salt
  • Specially formulated to provide 15% less sodium than ordinary salt
  • Refined, Iodised and Potassium enriched
  • Manages blood pressure
  • pure vegetarian

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TATA Chemicals Ltd

Tata Salt Lite

Intake of Tata Salt Lite on daily basis offers flavour to the food apart from serving some health benefits. Affordable in price, this pack of low-sodium salt is specially formulated to provide 15% less sodium than ordinary salt. Fast growing issue of high blood pressure is controlled by this salt when eaten in every day diet. Tata salt lite is refined, Iodised and Potassium enriched, and formulated to stay light on body. One can sprinkle this free flowing salt easily in the dishes as per individual taste.


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