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Sharbat Roohafza, 750ml

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  Vegetarian Products.

  • Rooh afza is a good drink that helps in dehydration.
  • It improves the body’s energy.
  • It aids in cardiovascular functioning.
  • Rooh afza is good for haemoglobin level in blood.

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Rooh afza is a popular summer drink. It has a great cooling effect for the body. It gives a refreshing energy on hot summer days. ‘Rooh’ is a Hindi name meaning ‘soul’ and ‘afza’ means ‘the thing that nourishes’ hence this name implies that this drink nourishes the soul. It has a great aroma and flavour.

It is red in colour. Rooh afza was originally made by a herbal medicine physician from Delhi in 1906. Today it has spread to all of the worlds for its health benefits and taste. It is made of herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and roots. It contains Herbs: European white lily, lotus, purslane, Blue star water lily, chicory, borage and coriander.


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