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Pass Pass Pulse Kachcha Aam with Tangy Twist, 540g

130.00 135.00

  This is a Vegetarian product.

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Brand Owned 

Dharampal Satyapal Sons PVT. LTD.

Manufactured by

Kohinoor Biscuit Products (KH)

Gobind Ram Kahan Chand (GR)

Leamak Healthcare (P) LTD

Dukes Products (INDIA) LTD

Alpenliebe Creamfills Butter Toffee

Creamfills Alpenliebe Butter toffee has a ‘wonderful surprise’ when you eat it, where initially you relish the caramel candy and are then delighted by the surprise of creamy filling inside. Now available in amazing share pack for entire family to enjoy.


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