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Nycil Cool Gulabjal, 150g + Free Glucon-D Orange 100g (Nycil Powder)

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  • Prickly heat powder to help make your summers cool and comfortable
  • Absorbs Sweat, Fights Body Odour, Calms rashes, Soothes itching & Prevents Prickly heat
  • Men & Women

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Nycil Cool Gulabjal

Make summers cool and comfortable with Nycil Cool Gulabjal’s unique Germ Fighter Formula that protects you from prickly heat causing germs and soothes the skin, keeping it refreshed. Nycil Cool Gulabjal has the goodness of neem oil and menthol to combat germs and its formulation effectively cures prickly heat. The powder effectively absorbs sweat and keeps skin dry, also solving problems of body odour, itching and rashes. For skin relief, sprinkle the powder over affected areas, 2 times a day. Available in other exciting variants – Cool Chandan and Cool Herbal. Note: Germ Fighter Formula Microbes causing skin problems like rashes due to prickly heat and prickly heat


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