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Dove Daily Shine Conditioner, 180ml

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Daily Shine Conditioner

  • Adds shine to normal hair.
  • Nourishes and protects from daily wear and tear.
  • Formulated with Nutritive Serum.
  • Leaves hair strong and beautiful.
  • Gentle formula that’s suitable for everyday use.
  • Nourish and protect hair with Dove Daily Shine Shampoo, for shiny healthy-looking hair.

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Dove Daily Shine Conditioner

Restore the health and shine of your hair with the daily shine conditioner from dove. Fortified with nutritional serum, the conditioner repairs the hair cuticles and provides a protective layer to your lengths, making them shiny by restoring their ability to reflect light. All you need to do is, apply a small amount of conditioner to your hair from mid lengths to tips and rinse it off after a minute to get shiny and manageable hair, every day. Buy the daily shine conditioner from dove right here to experience the change you always wanted! ask us how to make hair shiny and we’ll tell you that the answer is easy: Use a nourishing conditioner that smoothes and strengthens* . Because when hair is sleek and conditioned, it reflects more light, giving that beautiful shiny finish. Enriched with our nutritive serum, dove daily shine conditioner smoothes over the strands’ cuticles, leaving soft, silky hair with added strength**and shine from the very first wash. And because we don’t want daily wear and tear to get in the way of our shine, it protects hair from future damage, too even from your brush.Not only does the formula give visible results after the first use, but it makes hair better, making it healthy*. For hair that’s soft, smooth and beautiful with every wash, dove daily shine conditioner is an ideal addition to your hair care routine. * Based on a lab test with regular use of dove daily shine system** against breakage.


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