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Dettol Fresh Shaving Cream, 78g

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  • Trusted Dettol Protection; 10 X better versus ordinary shaving products
  • Formulated to provide a close and comfortable shave
  • Creates a smooth creamy lather for smooth shave
  • Prevents nicks, cuts and razor burns from infection

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Reckitt Benckiser

Dettol Regular Shaving Cream, 78g

Dettol shaving cream is a rich, creamy formula that softens the beard for a smooth shave. The trusted Dettol protection prevents any nicks and cuts from infections. The cream is ready-to-use and leaves skin feeling clean and smooth and better protected than other shaving creams. Also recommended by the Indian medical association, Dettol shaving cream is 10 times better than the regular shaving creams and creams available in the market. Dettol shaving creams serve as a protective cushion between the razor and your skin, for a closer shave without irritation. It also nourishes and leaves the skin moisturized and not dry.



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