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Cinthol Lime Soap Bar, 100g (Pack of 4) + 50g Free

94.00 116.00


  • It enhanced Lime freshness, revitalizes your senses
  • Fantastic bathing experience
  • Refreshing deo soap

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Cinthol Lime Soap Bar

Cinthol is more than just a personal care brand. It is a philosophy, best summarized in the three words alive is awesome. It is about giving people incredible experiences that make living worth while. And every Cinthol product is one such experience in itself. Though Cinthol is a brand with a legacy, it has continued to reinvent itself with the changing times. In the last two decades, the market dynamics have shifted. With it, Cinthol too has upgraded its soap formulation, product mix and packaging design to suit the needs of the new generation consumers.


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