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Catch Meat Masala, 110g

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  This is a Vegetarian product

  • Add an amazing taste, color and flavour to dish
  • Made with advanced LTG technology which retains the flavour and aroma of spices in their origional state

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110 Grams




Dharampal Satyapal

Catch Meat Masala, 110g

Catch Meat Masala is an exotic blend of spices that adds color and a distinct taste to non-veg dishes. Wrapped in a metal-lined package, the spices stay flavorful and aromatic for a long time.

Catch’s Blends are a range of mixed spices made with high quality whole spices, grounded and blended together to perfection, to yield an exciting and aromatic mix which brings the right flavour, colour and taste to a variety of dishes. This Indian culinary practice of preparing a blend of spices dates back to ancient times; keeping the tradition alive – Blends by Catch offer a range of mixed spices for the varied and rich Indian delicacies.


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