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Britannia Premium Bake Rusk, 3 x 273g

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  This is a Vegetarian product.
  •   Rusk. Not just any rusk. The crunchiest, tastiest rusk by Britannia.

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3 x 273g





Britannia Premium Bake Rusk

Dip a slice of rusk in your tea and see it soak in the right amount of tea, then go ahead bite into that inviting sliver of juicy crunchiness. A moment to be truly savoured, you will wonder how anyone could have tea any other way.
And that’s not it! With Britannia Rusk, the possibilities are endless. Spread a dollop of butter, jam or cheese to turn it into a perfect mid meal snack. Place a cheese slice along with chopped vegetables with a dash of chat masala and there, your favourite Rusk transforms to a perfect evening snack with friends and family!


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