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Asian Paints Marvello Plast White, 30kg

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  • Asian Paints MarvelloPlast is a water resistant cement modified compound with special additives for levelling undulations on interior walls.
  • It is a single pack fibre reinforced powder that can be applied over old and new plastered walls, concrete blocks and mivan structure to provide a smooth surface that can be painted over.

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Hydrophobic & Breathable

Resists absorption of water

Quick Drying & Slow Setting

Saves Times and Reduces Wastage

Excellent Adhesion

Bonds to old and new cement plaster surfaces

Range of Thickness

Can be used to level undulations from 6 mm up to 25 mm

Fibre Reinforced

High Compressive strength

Excellent Whiteness

Superior finish

Non – Shrink

Prevention of shrinkage crack formation

Single Pack

Ready to use

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100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 26L


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